Custom Sheet Metal Products in Chicago North Shore Area

Custom Sheet Metal Products in Chicago North Shore Area

Rich Offer Metal Sheet Products

Northshore Sheet Metals is a reputable manufacturer and distributor of sheet metal products. We use stainless and galvanized steel, copper and aluminum to fulfill orders. We offer a wide range of metal exterior products such as Wall Panels, Soffit Panels, Snow Retention Systems, Metal Roofing Sheets and Metal gutters.

What Kind Of Sheet Metal Products Do We Offer?

As a custom metal sheets distributor, we offer the service of manufacturing custom roofs and gutters. Using raw materials from top manufacturers such as Pac-Clad and Reynobond. High quality materials combined with craftsmanship and years of tradition mean that all our products will last you many years and make your project even more unique than before.

The K-style gutters and box gutters we offer are top-quality products, with the help of which you will create an effective and durable drainage system for your client’s roof. Thanks to the use of top-quality materials and the application of excellent paint coatings, the ogee and box gutters we produce impress with their aesthetics and durability, even after many years of use. Both types of our gutters are manufactured using three materials – steel, aluminum and copper. Different sheet thicknesses are also available, which will make it easier for you to match the products to the specific project you are currently working on. K-style (ogee) and box gutters from North Shore Sheet Metals are exactly what you need to satisfy your customer.

Metal Roofing Sheets

The high-quality metal roofing systems we produce are perfect for both residential and commercial roofing projects. We pride ourselves on the highest possible quality of our products, thanks to superior craftsmanship and the use of materials produced by reputable manufacturers. Using thick stainless or galvanized steel, aluminum (also available with Kynar500 coating) and 16 and 20 oz copper sheets. All of our custom sheet metal roofing systems are offered with a variety of hems and are suitable for instant plug-and-play installation. It’s an ingenious way to create a fast, aesthetically pleasing and highly durable roof that will last up to 60 years and then be 100% recyclable.

Valley Flashings & Apron Flashings

Valley flashings, apron flashings and step flashings are essential for virtually any roofing project – they protect the interiors of buildings from leaking water that runs down valleys during any rain. Roof flashings are also a fantastic aesthetic addition that blends perfectly with virtually any roofing material. The components we produce are distinguished by their perfect accuracy of workmanship, perfectly smooth surfaces and adequate durability. Each flashing manufactured by North Shore Sheet Metals is offered in a standard length of 10′, but nothing prevents us from supplying you with longer or shorter components. We are also ready to bend sheet metal into custom shapes, including asymmetrical shapes.

Snow Retention Systems

Ensure the safety of your building with our snow retention systems. Designed to handle heavy loads of snow and ice, our snow retention systems protect the roof structure and gutters efficiently. All of our products are projected to gain maximum durability and longevity, even in toughest weather conditions. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, our systems are easy to install and maintain. Trust our expertise to safeguard your building from winter hazards.

Wall Panels & Soffit Panels

Enhance your building’s exterior with our range of wall and soffit panels. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, stainless steel and composites, our wall panels offer outstanding durability, longevity and aetshtetics. Raynbond ACM panels are probably the most advanced siding solutions available on the market, while more traditional products, like wall panels made of stainless steel offer perfect compromise between price and functionality. All of our exterior wall cladding solutions are available in variety of finishes, with a few kinds of textures and dozens of vibrant colors.