Copper Box Gutter Outlet 4×5″

Our 4×5″ Box Gutter Outlets manufactured at our North Shore Sheet Metals headquarters, are produced from the highest quality copper sheets. The 16 oz copper provides perfect resistance to corrosion, bending and cracking.



Durable Copper Box Gutter Outlet

Our 4×5″ copper Box Gutter Outlets manufactured at our North Shore Sheet Metals headquarters, are produced from the architectural crade sheet of copper. Sheets with a thickness of 0.0216″ (16 oz) are completely corrosion resistant, and are also highly resistant to bending and cracking. At the same time, our copper box gutter outlets are made very accurately and aesthetically pleasing, which, combined with a reasonable price, makes them ideal for restoring classic homes and installing premium roofs. They are probably the best, though not necessarily the cheapest, solution for guttering systems for residential buildings, churches, synagogues or other classic-looking public buildings. Our copper box gutter outlets are designed to connect seamlessly with our copper box gutters and copper box gutter end caps.

16 Oz Copper Box Gutter Outlets

Choosing our 4×5 inch Box Gutter Outlet means investing in a product that is built to last. The combination of premium materials and advanced coating technology ensures that your gutter system will remain efficient and attractive over time. As a professional, you understand the importance of using top-tier products to deliver the best results for your clients. Our gutter outlet is designed to meet those exacting standards, making it the ideal choice for your next project.

copper box gutter outlet

Fitted with copper Box gutters, copper downspouts and copper box mitters, box gutter outlets create a consistent, durable and highly efficient drainage system. Utilizing 0.0216″ / 16 Oz of copper sheets, the gutter caps we sell outclass competing solutions and give you a guarantee that their operation will be completely trouble-free for many years.

Box gutters outlets, like the Box gutters themselves, offer perfect compromise between price, durability and water flow efficiency. Due to their huge effective volume and bottom surface, this kind of gutters perfectly copes with transporting even many gallons of water during the heaviest rains. What’s more, the simple shapes do a great job of finishing modern premium homes and office buildings.

Copper used for gutter outlets is an excellent material. Although copper parts are very heavy and require very sturdy fastening systems, the higher purchase price is due to excellent durability, total corrosion resistance and impressive longevity – copper gutter outlets can last up to 100 years of service and these are not one-offs. Over time, your copper sheet will change its color – from a beautiful golden brown to a greenish blue.

copper box gutter outlet

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