0.025″ (24 ga) Galvalume Valley Flashing 24″, 10′ long

Steel Valley Flashings are the perfect compromise between price, durability and aesthetics. Available at Northshore Sheet Metal, the products are offered in a wide range of sizes and colors to provide you with the widest selection of solutions. The price quoted is for one galvanized steel flashing with a length of 10′.

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Top-Notch Galvanized Aluminum Valley Flashing – The Best Protection For Your Roof

What Are Galvanized Aluminum Valley Flashings?

Valley flashings play an extremely important role – they protect your roof from water leaking into the house. They are literally a shield to keep moisture from seeping into your attic through the most sensitive points – the joints. During a rainy day, dozens of gallons of water can run down your galvanized steel flashings. Think for yourself what would happen if a bathtub of water spilled onto your attic!

Why Are Custom Galvalume Valley Flashings Made Of Galvanized Aluminum So Important For Your Home?

Flashings are a key component of any roof. Although they are not as visible as shingles or chimneys, they play an extremely important role and protect your home from flooding. Valleys, being extremely prone to leaks, must be very well protected and the only effective way to do this is to install steel, aluminum or copper sheets with a special profile.

Flashings are also a wonderful addition to your home – properly designed and installed, they will make your roof even more beautiful. Particularly attractive is copper, which at first catches the eye with its deep, shiny brown color and after time enchants with a mature and noble patina green.


Our Aluminum Valley Flashings Offer

Our product range includes many of the materials used for flashings. Copper valley flashings, stainless steel valley flashings and aluminum valley flashings sold by Northshore Sheet Metals will meet the needs of any customer, regardless of their budget or aesthetic requirements.

Galvanized Aluminum Valley Flashings Profiles

aluminum valley flashing

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 69 × 420 × 23132 in
Sheet thickness

24 ga Galvanized


V Valley, V Valley Hem, W Valley, W Valley Hem