0.025″ (24 Ga) Galvalume K-Style Gutter 10′ long

Kynar500 Aluminum K-style gutters are the perfect solution for draining even very large amounts of water from the roof. By using thick material and designing a special profile, Ogee gutters from Northshore Sheet Metals will be the best fit for your project.



24 Ga Galvalume K-Style Gutter

K-Style gutters, also known as K gutter and Ogee gutters, are a standard solution in the roofing industry. With an aesthetically pleasing shape and proper water flow, they are both very nice and extremely effective. K-style gutters made thick, 0.025″ galvanized aluminum sheets are also perfectly durable – they can lust up to 40 years under optimal conditions and maintenance.

Galvanized Aluminum Ogee Gutter

Ogee gutters can be a very aesthetically pleasing addition – they surround the roof and provide an aesthetically pleasing transition of the facade into the rooftop. For this reason, they should catch the eye and impress with their shape, color and workmanship.

Whether you choose Kynar polymer-coated aluminum or galvanized aluminum, we can guarantee that the end result will be stunning. The galvalume ogee gutters we produce offer unparalleled workmanship, durability and aesthetics at a reasonable price.

Thanks to the use of electroplating, the gutters we produce offer much better resistance to rusting, impact, denting, bending and cracking. We use only the best alloys in the production of our aluminum products, which perform well in operation even in very harsh climatic conditions. This is exactly what your customer expects.

We also offer Kynar-coated aluminum K-style gutters!

Dimensions Of Our K-Style Gutters


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Size (G)

5", 6", 7", 8"


Burgundy, Colonial Red, Deep Red, Terra Cotta, Hartford Green, Royal Blue, Bristol Blue, Copper Brown, Classic Green, Forest Green, Dark Bronze, Aged Bronze, Teal Green, Hemlock Green, Med Bronze, Buckskin, Matte Black, Charcoal Gray, Sierra Tan, Almond, Zinc Gray, Zinc Met, Copper Met, Parchment, Ash Gray, Antique Copper, Champagne Met, Shasta White, Aluminum