0.032″ Aluminum Drip Edge Flashing, 10′ long

Aluminum drip edges are great solution protecting the fascia and soffit from leaking water. Available at Northshore Sheet Metal, drip edge flashings are offered in standard lenght of 10′ and in 240 variants in total.

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What Are Drip Edge Flashings?

Simple drip edge flashings, sometimes called “baldy cleat” are usually used on shingle roofs, but can also be applied with rubber and slate roofs. Drip edges are mainly used to improve the transfer of water from the edge of the roof to the gutters themselves. Thus, this flashing effectively protects the fascia as well as the interior of the house from water leaks that could cause mold growth and sheathing rot, which could lead to very serious damage.

Drip Edge With Kick

kynar 500 steel apron flashing with kickThe use of a kick portion at the end of the drip edge flashing ensures that dripping water is directed sideways rather than vertically downward. This protects sensitive wall components, such as fascia and soffit, from water penetration, which can happen if component joints are not perfectly sealed. This gentle bending of the sheet metal makes the building much better protected from moisture, which of course translates into a long and trouble-free life for the roof.

As standard, all the drip edges we produce are offered with a kick. However, upon request, we can produce flashing without this element. In addition, we offer both drip edges with kick and with hem, as well as without hem. Both types of flashing cost exactly the same, and we can make hem regardless of the size of the items produced.


Discover the Richness of Kynar®500 Colors

Kynar®500 Burgundy Valley Flashing

Kynar®500 Colonial Red Valley Flashing
Colonial Red

Kynar®500 Deep Red Valley Flashing
Deep Red

Kynar®500 Terra Cotta Valley Flashing
Terra Cotta

Kynar®500 Hartford Green Valley Flashing
Hartford Green

Kynar®500 Royal Blue Valley Flashing
Royal Blue

Kynar®500 Bristol Blue Valley Flashing
Bristol Blue

Kynar®500 Copper Brown Valley Flashing
Copper Brown

Kynar®500 Classic Green Valley Flashing
Classic Green

Kynar®500 Forest Green Valley Flashing
Forest Green

Kynar®500 Dark Bronze Valley Flashing
Dark Bronze

Kynar®500 Aged Bronze Valley Flashing
Aged Bronze

Kynar®500 Teal Green Valley Flashing
Teal Green

Kynar®500 Hemlock Green Valley Flashing
Hemlock Green

Kynar®500 Med Bronze Valley Flashing
Med Bronze

Kynar®500 Buckskin Valley Flashing

Kynar®500 Matte Black Valley Flashing
Matte Black

Kynar®500 Charcoal Grey Valley Flashing
Charcoal Gray

Kynar®500 Sierra Tan Valley Flashing
Sierra Tan

Kynar®500 Almond Valley Flashing

Kynar®500 Zinc Gray Valley Flashing
Zinc Gray

Kynar®500 Zinc Met Valley Flashing
Zinc Met

Kynar®500 Copper Met Valley Flashing
Copper Met

Kynar®500 Parchment Valley Flashing

Kynar®500 Ash Gray Valley Flashing
Ash Gray

Kynar®500 Antique Copper Valley Flashing
Antique Copper

Kynar®500 Champagne Met Valley Flashing
Champagne Met

Kynar®500 Shasta White Valley Flashing
Shasta White



Custom And Stock Drip Edge Profiles

On special order, we are able to make any shape and size of drip edges. However, the standard offer includes the following dimensions:


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 120 in
Nominal size (E)

1.5", 3", 4", 6", 8"

Roof pitch

Flat, 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12", 13", 14", 15"


Burgundy, Colonial Red, Deep Red, Terra Cotta, Hartford Green, Royal Blue, Bristol Blue, Copper Brown, Classic Green, Forest Green, Dark Bronze, Aged Bronze, Teal Green, Hemlock Green, Med Bronze, Buckskin, Matte Black, Charcoal Gray, Sierra Tan, Almond, Zinc Gray, Zinc Met, Copper Met, Parchment, Ash Gray, Antique Copper, Champagne Met, Shasta White


Kick with hem, Kick no hem, Hem no kick, No kick no hem