0.025″ (24 ga) Galvalume Box Gutter 10′ long

Galvanized aluminum Kynar500 Steel Gutters are the perfect solution for draining even very large amounts of water from the roof. Box gutters produced by North Shore Sheet Metals will be the best fir for any industrial or residential large-scale projects



Why Is It Worth Choosing Box Gutters?

Box gutters are cost-effective and efficient solution popular for many years in the roofing industry. For many years now, this shape has been used in finishing homes, office buildings, stores, factories and all other structures with large roofs. The simple design and large effective bottom area allow water to flow freely toward the downspouts.

Box Gutters From North Shore Sheet Metals

Box gutters made of galvanized aluminum offer excellent performance – their flat bottoms and straight walls are designed to transport water as efficiently as possible. The entire design has one goal – efficiency, which comes at the expense of aesthetics. It is for this reason that we recommend them for industrial applications where efficiency is paramount.

The Kynar500 coating used provides, first of all, brilliant, very deep colors. But that’s not all – Kynar500 provides unparalleled weather resistance, protecting aluminum gutters from rusting, bending and cracking. The thick paint coating also makes the color last for many years and ensures that the galvanized box gutters we produce can withstand many years of use even in unfavorable climatic conditions – rain, snowfall and low as well as high temperatures are not the slightest threat.


Dimensions Of Our K-Style Gutters


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Size (J)

5", 6", 7", 8"